Monday, February 28, 2011

I'm so effing tired right now. I couldn't sleep last night. So I've been awake for like at least 36 hours straight now. But my throat hurts and is making me not comfortable ever so I can't sleep.

Friday night I went out to KA for awhile, and then went to Phi Kaps where there was this huge party. I stayed completely sober the entire time and I had a pretty good time. But drunk people were really annoying me so I just walked home at like 1:30.

Alex facebooked me as soon as I got home. He started this conversation by saying "Another intoxicated night?" WTF. I was just like um no. And then we had a short little conversation about like how not drinking at all doesn't accomplish anything at all, yeah I know I'm still drink. But that was all. Like I don't get it.

Then on Saturday I skipped our semi formal because I'm too fat to be dressing up and acting like I look good. But I went out with everyone afterwards. We went to KA and I got a little bit drunk and just chilled with a lot of people and got home at 4:30, tried to sleep, couldn't.

And now I'm still up at 1:30

Anyway I'm gonna try doing the skinny girl diet starting tomorrow. I finally feel good enough to go to the gym I think lol

I'm really not look forward to tomorrow, I fucking hate Mondays.

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