Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Things I want to change about myself:

1. Be skinny
2. Have great skin
3. Have great hair
4. Have whiter teeth
5. Get great grades
6. Get some sort of idea about what I want to do with my life

Ultimately I would like to be happy. But I feel like those 6 things would make me happy. They're all I want ever.

And since I'm not happy right now, I think I just need to throw myself into these so I won't have to deal with how much I'm hating my life right now.

Distract me.

Make me better.

Ok so I know I've done this before but I want to try a 75 day thing. 75 days of just focusing completely on these things. Hopefully it will lead to some intense weightloss...that would be the main goal. But also help me get my fucking life together.

Although I did like being told that I come off as a person who does not have their entire life together. I think that's a pretty awesome compliment.

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