Wednesday, March 2, 2011

St. Pats is in the air!

Everyone's wearing green, freshman are carrying around carved sticks and biting the heads off snakes, drunk St. Pats reps are screaming 8 DAZEEEEEEEE! to anyone who walks by. This is St. Pats. Parties start this weekend. I'm excited.

ummm update on my life: I went to the doctor because my throat started hurting and I got hives, I don't have mono. They sent me home with a shit ton of medicine. I haven't been doing SGD. It's just too hard when I'm sick. I'm really trying to focus on getting better, and forcing myself to workout and not eating is not heping. But as soon as I'm feeling completely better I will start SGD. Which could be as soon as tomorrow. I'm feeling pretty good today. I went to all my classes, finally.

I'm really really really ready to party. I'm trying to convinve my best friend from South Dakota to come here next week since it's her spring break. I hope she does, I haven't seen her since spring break last year. I feel like I might just be a fucking shit show for a week straight. And I'm gonna enjoy it.

Question: Do you count March as spring or do you wait to the first official day?

Anyway, I have half a handle of vodka and an entire fifth of vodka saved up. And I have money for at least another handle and mixers. That should get me through these next 2 weeks lol. I'm listening to fratbeats and it just makes me want to party so freaking much.

And you know what? Fuck Alex *****. I thought about using his full name, because that's a saying around here but decided against it, what if he like googles his name or something?

This Pike added me on facebook and I'm pretty sure I've never seen him before. And he's facebook chatting me and was like "I got your back" and I was like "Gee that's nice of you, considering we've never met before." Stop being a creep, Pike.

Question again: Do you ever talk to peo[;e just because they make you feel better about yourself? I surround myself with girls who immitate me and guys who would do anything for me. Oddly enough my best friends are the ones who don't try to act like me and they guys I like are always kinda assholes to me.

That Pike just told me "helping people occupies my time." what the fuck? Oh fuck he just said we should hang out sometime.

I was just thinking, I'm like THE classiest person in the world. I say fuck at least 50 times a day. I'm really super sarcastic, usually in a really rude way, I'm drunk on average like 4 times a week, ALL of my pictures go on facebook, I really have no filter with what comes out of my mouth- I say terrible things sometimes.Oh well, it's who I am and it's funny.

I love when I'm talking to people and I don't care what they think of me. Like people who I know would love to be me, or with me. There are a few people like that. And I can act however I want in front of them. It's great.

Anyway, I don't even know why I'm rambling so much. I should go to sleep early so I get better. Yeah, I'll do that. Bye guys

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  1. Feel better Haley! I hope everything turns out okay for you :)