Sunday, February 6, 2011

I made some bad decisions but I'm cool with it yo.

Soooo um last night. omg.

I went to KA. They were telling me to come over because they're having a huge fucking dance party. I got there at like 8:30 which I know is early but there was literally no one there. So whatever I just sat around drinking with the guys and a few girls from my house that were there.

And then I did some shots. And then we started dancing. And then we went to Pikes for their Hall Crawl. I don't remember much of Pikes. I tried to punch some guys are to like see how hard I could punch and I hurt my wrist really bad. And then I to the bathroom and slipped on what I'm pretty sure was puke and hit the ground fucking hard. So I went back to KA and kept dancing I guess.

And at some point I started texting Alex. I asked him if his offer from tuesday night was still on the table. And he was like yeah, but do you really want to hurt yourself? And idk we kept on talking and he was eventually like I'm drunk blah blah blah you don't know that you love me, you've never been in a serious relationship before you don't know, date some other people get some experience and if you still think you love me next semester let me know and then I'll believe you and we could work on getting back together. ........?

And then he walked all the fucking way to KA which is like a good mile and a half. And it's fucking cold out. And then I walked back to Lambda Chi with him.

The walk back was great. WE just talked for like 15 minutes. It was a little like ohhh I made out with 3 girls this week. Oh really? Yeah I figured that when I was shacking at Pike and Sig Nu....But there was actual conversation once we got past that and that was really really nice. That's what I miss. Just talking to him.

Well anyway we got to Lambda Chi and started like making out. I'm not gonna lie I loved being back in his room. And having him touch me. But it sucked because it wasn't like it used to be. I was obviously a slam piece, and it sucked knowing that. I guess he could tell that I wasn't happy because he stopped and was like am I hurting you? Then I was just like Yeah. And put my clothes on and left. Yes, you're hurting me sooooo bad. You have no idea.

And my night went on....I started to walk home but my drunk ass got stuck at the Sigma Chi parking lot. Everyone thinks this is the most hilarious part of my night but really I don't think it was that funny. But whatever....

So I'm walking back and it's cold and icy and I'm slipping everywhere and right at the Sig Chi parking lot there's this like giant fucking ice patch. And I was like there's no way I'm getting across that. So I just sat down. In the fucking snow. At like 5 am. hahhaha?

Like after 10 minutes of sitting there a KA texted me and was like did you get home alright? and I was like no. And like 20 minutes later he came and got me. I don't know what took him so fucking long. I was starting to get really fucking cold. But I'm forever grateful to him because he was nice to me all night and then I was a bitch to him when Alex got there and he had early morning clean up so because of me he got no sleep that night. And he gave me pants to wear once we got back to KA because mine were soaking wet from sitting in the snow and he let me sleep in his bed. So thanks man.

And I'm fat. So fat that I hate myself. I will never be able to like a fat person. I'mmmmm such a fuck up. I hate being fat!!!

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