Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Alcohol i love/hate you

I didn't eat all day, and then i had a drink and a couple shots, felt it wayyyyy more than I was expecting--i forgot that I hadn't eaten in 2 days....

anyway i ended up eating chicken nuggets and fries from mcdonalds

I"M SO MAD (and kinda drunk still)

I just want to fast for so long. Why can I not control myself for like more than a couple days. If I could just stop eating for a little bit I would love my fucking life.

I hung out with some pretty cool people though.


  1. don't be so hard.
    you can control yourself.
    it is just one meal. not an entire binge of food, like most of us. that's actually more control than i have during a fast. what's the point of going through seven days of not eating if you're going to eat everything in the upcoming week? ;) <3 in the words of Alice Cooper, "don't let one love tear your world apart."

    but rather, "don't let one day tear your world apart." <3

    -Sam Lupin
    PS. look at the picture beside this post. "If it were easy, everyone would be thin." it isn't easy. it's hard. we fall, but we stand again, higher than before.

  2. Some chicken nuggets and fries isn't bad. It's not like you ate a Big Mac meal or something like that. Don't be hard on yourself. Just pick yourself up and move on. Just like Sam said, stand up again higher than before.

  3. I always eat crap when I'm drunk. It's like wayy harder to control yourself when your drinking, don't be too hard on yourself. It's tough because I love going out but it always sets me back a couple days :/

  4. Same here, I'm the biggest drunken pig everrrr I always crave the most disgusting foods! We feel ya girl! And Sam's right, it's effing hard, but you'll get there! xox<3

  5. I feel you there.. I was doing amazing on my fast, then it was effortless, one tiny mess up and its like, EVERYTHING is ruined!

    Hang in there babe. Thinking of you. MISSING you.