Monday, October 17, 2011

I'm not hungover and I wasn't the biggest drunk ass last night #successs

I'm not the same girl I used to be.

On friday my best friend from school surprised me and brought me back to school for the weekend. I had a really fun time, mostly because a lot of people were gone for the weekend and I was almost never at my old house or with girls from there who I'm not extremely close to.

On friday we went to lambda chi, and I was having a seriously amazing time. I used to hang out there all the time when I was dating alex, so I'm really close to a lot of the guys in the house and they're all just really chill all the time. When it got later and I got drunker I lost my friends and ended up in alex's room playing never have i ever with about 8 people. guys kept saying things that would obviously have pertained to mine and alex's relationship and we were just kinda joking around and being friends. The game died down and alex's fuck buddy showed up and this a KA was telling me i should go over there so we kinda went our separate ways. But this KA is the biggest douche in the world. I've probably mentioned him before, idk. We got in a fight and I ended up never leaving lambda chi's driveway. So go back in the house and just lay down on a couch and think I'll crash there cuz it's like 3am and i'm drunk. Well alex calls me after a bit to make sure i got somewhere and i'm just like no i'm downstairs could i maybe borrow a blanket from you? and he tells me just to sleep on the extra bed in his room. so i go up there and we're sitting on our separate beds just talking and having a good time (it felt like a slumber party or something). he somehow convinces me to sleep on his bed so i'll stay warmer..which was legit i was shivering so much i was shaking and he's supppper effing warm. so i fell asleep cuddling with him. and then i woke up idk how much later to him kissing my neck. and that led to us messing around.

okay so next day, confusing boy texts me and asks if i want to get something to eat with him and some guys in his house. and i'm like yeah sure. it ends up being just us, which is chill, probably less awkward for me because i don't really know too many guys in his house. I end up going to his house that night with 2 of my friends and just chilling there. another super chill party. confusing boy is hanging out with me a lot. we end up alone together a lot, mostly just outside looking for things such as my phone, purse, whatever the fuck else i lost when i decided to do cartwheels down the street. we got in a water fight using the water cups from the beer pong tables so i'm soaked and i go up to his room with him to get a sweatshirt and we just end up laying in his bed talking, arguing who's sleeping on the bed and who gets the couch. well, he kept saying i should take the bed but he just kept laying on it...which i was totally cool with lol. but then my friend called me crying and i had to deal with her drama for like an hour and when i came back, confusing boy was asleep on the bed. And i didn't want to just crawl into bed with him, so i slept on the couch. And I left town before he even woke up in the morning.

So about confusing boy, the first night we met we were both really drunk and did ummm shit. But the next day we hung out sober and he was legit. And we've kinda been texting since then. but it's confusing in general because i'm not living there this semester. and then on top of that, we're really just a lot alike so i can see how this could all be like a just friends thing. especially since he legitimately does have a lot of friends who are girls. so idk. i do kinda like him, but i'm trying not to think about it.

okay sorry that was so long and rambling, i'm super tired and about to pass out. i'll catch up on blogs tomorrow, promise.

I gotta admit, a lot of shit got to me.


  1. Always so confusing when in a sitch with two boys. :) But good luck, they both sound legit! Xo

  2. SUCCESS!!! The weekend sounds fun... you always seem to have a lot that happens, and it is always adventurous!!!!
    Good luck on the boy situation love, I have not had any proper boy situations in forever I have kind of forgotten what to do haha.
    But good luck they both seem super cool

  3. i tots understand how difficult it is when youre not there, i have the same problem. but you must be doing something rite! i have the worse luck with boys, any relationship i have is so fucked up and leaves me off even worse

  4. Love triangle? Jealous. I can't even get a love two point line....oh ya geometry. Atleast your weekend was fun! Mine was absolutely boring. Blahhh