Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Me and Alex are completly over. I'm starting to realize that.

He Skyped me on Monday night and we talked for like 3 hours. He started by telling me that he's been having a terrible past 2 weeks. Why? He's talking to 3 Chi O's and they all really like him so much and now they're all jealous so other Chi O's are mad that he's making some of their sisters jealous and then even more are mad that he's making other people mad.

Chi O's are like our rival sorority. My house and Chi O compete for top everything. We're always 1 and 2. We're every fraternities favorite sororities. We fucking hate Chi O basically.

Cool? I go why are you telling me this? You're just being an asshole. And he goes oh? You told me you've been alright since we broke up, you think I don't miss you? That I don't miss talking to you. That it's soooooo hard for me to be doing what I'm doing? What's he doing? Not taking me back. I tried to convince him for awhile but he's too worried about what people will think if he takes me back "so easily". Whatever.

And then he texted me last night, drunk, saying he's horney. Can I come over for completely unattatched sex? No, I'm sleeping with someone else tonight. Then he sent me like a 4 page text that was like pffft you think you can make me jealous? righhhhht. blah blah blah hope he's good enough in bed for you. blahhhh.

I'm really over it I think.

Oh so we have a snow day today and yesterday. So I went over to Pike last night for a powerhour. Alex hates Pike. Actually every frat boy here hates Pike because they are the richest, most successful fraternity. And best looking. I made out with 2 guys and slept with one of them. Just slept. He was there when Alex texted me and noticed that it bothered me and just sat there and rubbed my back and was like it's ok babe. He's a legit guy. Even though he has 2 girlfriends and 3 consistent slam pieces. And he has some thing with one of my pledge sisters and she like freaked out that I was watching tv in his room and I had to hide while he convinced everyone that I got a sober ride to home. But that I probably went to Lambda Chi. I feel like there may be reprecussions for this.

I think I'm going to go to the gym for like 4 hours now. That's all I can think of doing today.

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  1. jeeez... in my opinion, though it means basically nothing, you should just do your best to forget him. find some other guy to fall in love with. just pick some one and make them a great distraction. then, before you know it, alex will seem like nothing at all.