Thursday, February 10, 2011

I'm not telling you this is gonna be easy, I'm telling you it's gonna be worth it

I don't put out the first time we ever hang out by ourselves. Actually don't even try to get in my pants. That's the rule.

But really I'm talking about losing weight. That's what I tell myself everytime I just want to end my workout early. I wish I could just say it when I'm binging.

I can stick to a workout plan so well, but I always over eat. And it's not even because I'm hungry or tired. The food is just there. In fact I have already eaten 900 calories today. And it's not even noon. I haven't even been home half an hour.


So last night, people kept asking me to smoke with them but I was really really really tired so I was thinking about just going to bed. Then at like 11:30 Eleanor was like I'm going to Pike (Pi Kappa Alpha) you should come with me. And I was like ummmmmm maybe. It did sound kinda fun. Right then this Pike I'm talking to pops up on my facebook chat and is like so I'm really craving some hot chocolate (inside joke meaning come over). So I went over there.

We watched 28 weeks later and he was already like really really feeling me up like ten minutes into the movie. It was really awkward because Julia also went with even though she's not talking to anyone at Pikes so that's just retarded. Anyway she was sitting on the futon with us the entire time.

And then we went to bed, Julia sleeping in the room....she decided she would shack too??? We did more but didn't fuck. Then I had like the worst walk of shame ever this morning.

I didn't wear a coat over last night because we got someone to pick us up, so I'm just wearing a T-shirt. I leave Pikes at like 10:45. Pikes to my house requires walking through campus a little bit. I brought a blanket over as an inside joke.

So imagine me, wearing sweatpants, uggs, a plain white t, and a way too big for me orange Nike jacket he let me borrow, hair in a pony tail, carrying a blanket, walking through campus just as people are leaving their 10 ams and/or going to their 11 am.

It was terrible.

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  1. that sounds like fun :) well.. not the walk back bu the rest of it. good luck with the rest of today!!