Friday, November 4, 2011

If you don't like something change it. If you can't change it, change your attitude.

Day three: Do you count calories? What is your daily calorie goal/allowance?
I'm actually trying not to count calories right now. I'm aware of them and making choices based on that, but not counting every single little bite. I would say I probably aim for somewhere around 1000 calories a day. That being said, I'm trying to make myself stonger, so if my body is telling me I need to eat more, I'm going to eat more.

Okay soooo I'm about to rant about something that bothers me a lot. A lot a lot a lot. UGH!

Girls with huge boobs. OMG.

I was on facebook today, totally creeping on everyone's halloween pictures and one thing I noticed, the uglier/fatter the girls were, the more their boobs were displayed. Like seriously?? I'm not saying you shouldn't dress as a slut for halloween. I'm honestly pro-slut on halloween. And I would totally dress like a slut....IF I HAD THE BODY FOR IT. And I don't think having huge boobs entitles you to having "that body". Okay and I'm gonna post the picture that made me the most furious, and I'm gonna take it down in like a day, cuz I'd hate for this girl to find this somehow or something lol

I think we all know what girl I'm talking about...

And honestly, I'm not trying to offend anyone who actually does have big boobs, most of my hate is out of jealousy, promise. But I shouldn't have to feel like less of a woman because I'm "Barely a B". And there is nothing I can do about that! Saying someone isn't hot because they don't have a great chest is like saying someone isn't hot because their face is fucked up.

For the longest time I thought I would for sure get a boob job as soon as I graduated college. Not even so I would have a huge rack, just to be "normal".

But guess what, I'm sick of hating on myself. I may barely have a chest, but I have a great ass, and the bluest eyes I have ever seen. Boom. Sexxxy. Don't hate things you can't change.

This girl is super hot, and flat chested!!


  1. I hate my boobs :/ Well at least she is comfortable in her own skin, right? At least that is how I think about it.

  2. ughhhh I'm with you Sasha! I have huge boobs and I friggen hate it! Mind you I don't go out dressing like a sluuuu like that chick but still, its terribly annoying with the backpain and whathaveyou. Its funny because like you Haley, I intend to get a boob job one day, but for me it'll be to make them smaller (assuming they dont become the size I'd like once I reach my weight goals) because they actually do hurt my back like a mother, I can never find cute, cheap bikini tops that fit (aka COVER MY BOOBS aha) and its annoying as hell! haha

  3. i still solely believe nike should alter its slogan based on your blog title.
    calories, calories, calories - a mystery, are they not? and i agree with you, lovely. if you're trying to get stronger and your body demands for more, then surely: eat more.
    *blushes* then am i, Sam 34B-cups, excluded from this?
    oh baby, you amuse me. <3
    i honestly personally think she looks adorable, then again - all people are beautiful when they smile, its a drug of sunlight that drives me mad.
    i want to be "barely a B", can we swap?
    *slaps ass* that statement asked for my response, did it not?

    -Sam Lupin

  4. I hate boobs! All my weight goes to mine, so when I am a smaller weight, my boobs go. That makes me very happy haha. Boobs on other girls looks alright, but on me.. No no.

    Some of the halooween pictures I saw on facebook though... Even the skinny lasses looked fugly. It's the one day women can dress like whores and their parents are proud of them. ;) haha

  5. lol ur so funny! u work those blue eyes and a gr8 butt!
    ewwww its so true though ! put a shirt on it!

  6. FLAT CHESTED PRIDE!! I hate big boobs. I think the more board-ish girls look the better. And then you can wear vests without bras. etc etc. Skinny, boob-less pride! :) :) YAY! :D Xo

  7. OMG i think that alllll the time esps when on facebook. just cause you have big boobs doesn't mean they should be falling out. and i dont think it looks hot at all!!! Yea im super jealous, I barely fill an A, but i too just wanna be 'normal' and i too have always planned on getting boobs after college haha honestly these girls need to look at catalogs, rap videos, pron etc. all those big busted girls dont have their shit pushed tight, up, and falling out. its not sexy, its trashy

  8. Dude, SAME.
    I'm jealous of chicks with tits, but showing what you have and looking pretty are way different...
    Not even guys want boobs that just spill out everywhere.
    Lol. I had one of my friends in mind the entire time I was writing this... Loyal BFF, I am nawt. ;3

    < 3