Tuesday, October 11, 2011

She decided to start living the life she'd imagined

Okay sooo sorry I've been bitching a lot lately...anything and everything was seeming pretty lame. But I decided I'm over that. There's no use being upset about something you can't change.

As for the things I can change...It's time I lose this effing weight. My life is far from perfect right now, but I do have one thing that I will probably never ever ever have again in my life, a shit ton of time. I'm going to use that to my advantage. My strength in weightloss is by farrrrr working out. I suck at restricting. But I can workout like a mofo. SO I'm going to start working out like an athlete. Well, like an athlete who is training for the olympics or some shit.

And I'm also going to make an attempt to stop my worst habit in the diettting life, letting my cravings get to me. So I am literally going to try to eat the same thing every day, giving myself no options. Because that is where it all goes downhill. I feel like this could potentially work really well, or backfire like none other...we'll see.

I'm feel like I have a slightly happier and healthier outlook on life at the moment. It's a good feeling :)

Athlete thinspo :) they work hardd for those bodies!!


  1. Ughhh, I have the same problem when I give myself options, or basically when there's any good food lying around. Haha I basically need to eat just "meh" food (food that's alright I guess, but I don't crave a second helping) while I'm dieting so I'm not tempted to eat more.

    GOODLUCK! xo

  2. love the pictures! you got this girl!!

  3. :( stay tough chick! You can do it!!

    I will look forward to seeing you on TV haha!

    Thinking of you...