Tuesday, February 1, 2011

I'm really sorry I've become so boring.

Well I probably always was lol.

But I'm sorry about mentioning Alex is every single post ever. But I'm trying to not mention him in real life anymore. And he's like all I think about, want to talk about, want just in general.

But I'm glad I have this outlet or all of my sisters would have punched me in the face by now and my facebook would be ridiculous. But I'm gonna try to cool it with the Alex stuff.

So there's supposedly some big snow storm coming here and everyone's saying class is gonna be cancelled and shit. I don't buy it. I just walked all the fuck over campus with one of my pledge sisters from 11pm-1am. Cuz we were bored and want to see random people. The snow storm was supposed to start at 11 and we say nothing.

I'm actually kinda hoping class isn't cancelled tomorrow because I only have one class, and if campus is closed that means the gym would be closed.

So I've noticed I've been updating my facebook status way to fucking much. SO, new rule: I can only update my facebook status for every 5 pounds I lose.

I've gained weight guys, I hate to say it but I have. IDK how much I weigh though, I'll check in the morning and use that as my start.

Oh. I had to put up with one of the downsides of being in a sorority today, bitchiness. In generally the girls in my house are great, but every now and then....ugh.
(Oh.Because of this huge snow storm that's coming some of the older girls who live on off campus apartments are staying at the house tonigh and so they were looking for beds. )
Sister: Hey Haley! You shack like everynight right? So could I like sleep in your bed tonight?
Me: Wellll actually....I don't shack anymore
Sister:.......Oh yeah that's right your boyfriend dumped you! Shit.

I wish I was shacking....a snow day with Alex sounds like the best thing ever right now. Fuck fuck fuck.

Ughhhh I feel like I shouldn't miss him this much still.

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  1. that's such a terrible conversation. sorry if she's your friend, but that was a biiiiitchy thing to say. i don't mind reading about alex. you need to let it out, and here is just fine. sending you sunshine, darling!