Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Feeling shitty.

So I woke up at like 7 because I had a Chem 2 midterm at 8, felt super bad, took the test in like half an hour, came home, got phone calls from both of my parents, slept until 4.

My parents are afraid I have meningitis. My mom made me promise I would go to student health sometime today, and I was going to, but then I took and 8 hour nap. My dad thinks I just have the flu. But my mom has called me 4 times, facebooked me, and emailed me since I talked on the phone with her at like 9 am. Chill out mom.

So I didn't go to the gym today but I only ate some crackers today because I don't have an appetite at all. So that's good. I really hope I feel better tomorrow though so I can get to my normal schedule. Should I drink tomorrow night? There's after hours across the street... but I know this weekend is gonna be crazy hmmmm. Maybe if I'm feeling better because I'm really starting to feel like I'm gonna need some alcohol to get through this week.

I'm really missing Alex today. Well not really. Idk what the feeling is. Like I'm really sad that it's over, but I know that it's over, like completely. Like I'm actually being realistic for the first time ever. It sucks.

And I'm super afriad this girl in my pledge class, Maria, is talking to Alex. Which wouldn't really mean anything because she's like in love/obsessed with her exboyfriend who she's starting to date again/ they're on a break...she's already planning on getting an apartment junior year so that he'll be able to sleep over. But I know they've talked before, about me, but still...I just have this feeling.

AND like no guy seems to be interested in me anymore. Like, I hung out with this Sig Chi last Tuesday and then I facebook chatted him the other day and he like wasn't really talking, and then I hung out with the Sig Pi on Thursday and I facebook chatted him and he really wasn't talking either. And this KA used to always talk to me when me and Alex were dating but now he doesn't talk to me at all really.

Like WTF is going on??

Or maybe, it seems like everyone likes me when I'm drunk, but not when I'm sober...and with guys it's not that they're trying to get with me, they're not always. What's wrong with me??

I just wish I was skinny and happy and could get any guy I ever wanted.

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