Wednesday, September 28, 2011

I was bored so I made a VLOG!!

hahaha seriously, sorry it's so sucky....but it was kinda fun :)

Idk why the sound is so messed up.

Next time I make a vlog, I'll actually think about what I'm gonna say before I start it lol.

Oh and one thing I forgot to mention--lately I'm not able to comment on other blogs using like my google accounts thing...and idk why! I've just been commenting with the name "Haley" without it being linked to like this account. So if you see that, that's what's up!


  1. Your Vlog made me LOL!!

    Omg! I am seriously, your biggest fan! You are just totally adorable. Don't ever worry about your looks, you are beautiful.

    For an interview, go without or only wear light makeup. Dress nicely, but not formal. And just be yourself! you are awesome as you are.

    What state do you live in?

  2. you are so cute <3

    and I agree with Beth on the make-up thing for the interview.

    I look forward to your progress, beautiful girl :)

  3. This is my normal blog. Feel free to follow me there. I may VERY rarely post on the other one... it was for my mom, really..

  4. Hahaha you are totally adorably funny! Definitely go we Beth on the makeup and clothes tip. Apparently because I wore too much makeup to an interview a longtime ago is the reason I didn't get hired. Gaaahhhhh the job world.
    Btw nice stache. ;)

  5. OMG. you best little body! adorable outfit btw...
    good grief love, you are not huge. <3 and thanks for the comment bout The Boy. hahha

  6. Haha, that was nice. :)
    I've been thinking about making a vlog thing too for a while, and you sort of just made up my mind that I should. :D
    You're super pretty and I'm jealous, btw.

    < 3