Monday, January 31, 2011

I love you more than words can say, I can't count the reasons I should stay.

How my weekend went?

I played beer pong with a really cute guy at Beta Sig for like 3 hours on Friday. Undefeated!

I danced with 3 really cute guys at Sig Nu after that.

5 KA's were practically begging me to come to their beer pong tourny starting at noon on saturday.

I chilled with some cute Kappa Sigs from my math class last semester while I was at the room to room.

But the entire time I was thinking about Alex. Oh yeah, how'd that shit run down?

Well I get to Lambda Chi, chill on the porch for a bit with some of the guys in my grade. Then I walk inside to get some alcohol. Of course what I want (blue haze....I had it at their room to room last semester) is about half a foot from the door of Alex's room. Sawwweeeet. Luckily I don't see him. So I start playing beer pong with some guys I'm really close to, while my little sister (who was here for the night, and whos name is, coincedentally, Alex) just stands and watches. Then Alex walks in the room, we make eye contact, and he walks directly to my sister and goes "Alex? I'm Alex." then walks away. WTF.

So I end up losing a bp, and just chilling with my sisters. Alex kinda stays in the room, walks past me like 8 times. I'm constantly looking for him, trying not to be obvious you know. Then some of us, mostly girls from my house, decide we want to play fuck the dealer. So we sit around this table and are playing for like 20 minutes, I get up to get a drink, which is literally like 10 feet away, and when I get back Alex is sitting at the table. I look at one of my sisters like wtf???? and she's just like, yeahhhhhhh.

So we played fuck the dealer for awhile. The only thing he said to me all night was "haley.....HALEY...HALEY!!!" when he was dealer and it was my turn and I wasn't paying attention. It was weird. But it was nice sitting at the same table as him, and seeing him, and seeing that he's not perfectly fine with this. But he didn't do anything to like change the stakes.

Anyway, I drank 4 cups (they were really small, I'm counting it as 2 solo cups worth) and then left. We walked out on the porch to leave, and as I'm walking down the steps, Alex is straight staring at me. Almost in a mad way...well actually he looked pissed. SUPER PISSED. I don't get it.

After that I went home and watch Community for 3 hours.

Today Alex's facebook status is- I shoulda seen it all along. its girls like you that make me think I'm better off home on a saturday night, with all my doors locked up tight

I'm obsessed.


  1. I love/hate when I feel that way about a guy. It's a complicated emotion lol

  2. you should ask him if he wants to talk about it. bc obviously he has something to say about it if he is making it his status on fb. it means he really isnt over you though...