Thursday, January 20, 2011

The more I think about it....

The more I think about it I'm realizing that last night really wasn't that bad. It was actually really fun. With the exception of seeing Alex and shit.

I was embarrassing to say the least.

Oh this is what I wore out too. LOL. It's what everyone was wearing...get those st pats sweatshirts on NOW!

I'm having a dilema right now. I don't know if I should calm down with the drinking. Like honestly I love partying. And it's my fucking freshman year. I don't think it's a big deal if I'm blackout drunk. I pretty much never do embarrassing dumb things when I'm drunk. I just talk and talk and talk///and dance. But no sluttiness, no fights, no getting sick.

But part of me wants to stop because I'm getting in trouble in my sorority, and with friends, such as boyfriends. But I think I should just live out my freshman year.

idk if I'm over Alex or not yet. Well if I want him back. After last night there's no way I will talk to him in a very very long time. I'm so embarrassed. But I'm just gonna try to keep him off my mind for awhile.

So I woke up today (on a couch in the chapter room?) weighing 153.6

I ate kinda a lot like around 1200 calories. But I worked off 750. SO net calories being like 450. I'd like this to be better.

I'm gonna try not to eat so much tomorrow because there's a private bar stocking party at KA that I'm invited to. Which means I'm gonna be able to order drinks and shit and it's not gonna have my 0 cal mixers. But I really wanna go because it's invite only and I'm flattered to have gotten an invite and it also means there will probably not be any Chi O's or imports there. Dumb girls.

There's also a grafitti party at sig nu that I'm thinking about going to. idk I'll probably pregame at KA and then get a sober ride to sig nu and then walk home. Solid plan. Oh yeah I danced with this super cute guy at sig nu last night and he added me on facebook today. win!

I'm a freakin mess guys...

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  1. I really hope this all clears up for you. it's good you're getting sober rides, i don't want anything to happen to you. But I guess you have to make a choice about the drinking. It doesn't sound so bad what you're doing, but if other people have a problem with it then it might be good to listen to them. Just do what makes you most happy right now and a few years down the road, too.
    sorry if that sounds condescending
    best to you, darling!!