Saturday, January 29, 2011

SO nervous

Room to room at Lambda Chi tonight. I don't have to go, but I want to see Alex more than anything. But the second thing I want more than anything is to not see Alex. I'm fucked up.

I went our last night and had 2 mixed drinks at Beta Sig and 1 beer at Sig Nu and was sober by the time I got home at 1:30.

I wish I would have figured out that being not drunk and going home early was still fun before this all happened. Well it was fun until I realized that going home meant back to MY house, not Alex's. :(

Anyway I'm super super nervous for tonight. Maybe more anxious. So many possible scenarios are floating around my head. What if he's all over some girl? What if we're just chill? What if he's mad at me? What if he wants to talk and take me back?

This is all I've thought about all day.

I wonder what he's been thinking about.

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