Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Hey guys, I'm back.

The other blog was seriously just exactly like this. The other girl didn't even post once. We haven't really talked since I got back to school.

So I have a major update in my life, Alex broke up with me.


I'm really sad about it. And it's just really stupid.

It's because I drink too much and I get dramatic when I'm drunk. Shocker there.

But it's a bit of a wake up call. I knew I had to go one of two ways. Either keep having my "freshman year" and partying all the time or stop all that shit and try to prove to him that I can do it. My deciding factor being whether or not we have any chance of getting back together sometime.

Well I just got off the phone with him and I feel like there's a chance. He said definitely not anytime soon, but maybe in the future he would consider taking me back. He's worth the wait. And the change.

So I'm done with the excessive partying. And that's gonna help me lose weight for sure. Not as many alcohol calories and definitely no drunk eating.

I made little like weightloss goal things. To help motivate me.

-10 pounds: buy 2 new sports bras
-15 pounds: dye hair
-20 pounds: buy new jeans
-25 pounds: try talking to Alex again
-30 pounds: not sure yet
-35 pounds: buy a new dress (hopefully for lambda chi's formal, if the talking to Alex thing works out)

25 pounds seems like a long ways away. But I think the wait will be good for us. Hopefully it will take like 2 months. And it will be super motivating. And I'll look WAY better then too so he'll like have to take me back.

ughhhh I just want him back so much. Fuckkkk this


  1. thank you very much chica. and good luck with your journey. i was kinda, in a way, but not officially, dumped recently so i know how you feel. although i dont want him anymore (temporary lapse in judgement), i want to make him worry so he cant treat me like that again.
    you know, i always find a way to talk about myself, sorry. haha. anyways good luck! and thanks for the stalking. ;)

  2. just from this, it doesn't sound like he's worth it. "he'll consider taking me back" doesn't sound so good. some advice- make sure they love you more than you love them. it cuts down on the heart break.

    sorry to sound bitchy and preachy.