Wednesday, January 19, 2011

50 Daze Til the Best Ever St. Pats!!

Ok so St. Pats is a big deal at my school. It's like 2 weeks straight of parties. Actually 2 weeks straight of drunk for most people. We even get a break from school.

So today is 50 days until I guess the parties start. So there's a party.

What do I do??

Alex wants to see me not drink so much, but I'm starting to doubt whether he actually wants to get back together or not. Or if I even want him back. IDK

I've also done really well with eating and working out today and I don't want to ruin that by drinking too much.

So far today I've eaten 230 calories and worked off 800. SO that gives me some room to drink. I was thinking of implementing an either 8 or 6 shot rule. SO altogether I can't have more than 6 or 8 shots in a night. I don't know what a good amound is. I generally do like 15, including what's in my mixed drink. But that gets me blacked out. How do people drink without going overboard? Idk how to do it.

The big parties are at Lambda Chi and Sig Nu. Lambda Chi is Alex's house, so I can't go there. Sig Nu is right across the street from my house, and Alex's least favorite frat. Cool.

I'm also afraid that because Lambda Chi is having a party there will be a lot more girls there than usual. And Alex will hook up with one. Yeah he probably will.

Why am I obsessing about this????


I had the best of both worlds, drinking and a boyfriend, and now I have neither. :(

Oh yeah, I weighed 157.6 when I woke up this morning.


  1. since you havent eaten much, youll probably need less alcohol to get drunk.
    i hope you have fun, chica. and dont stress about the boy. he'll come around, or you will. (:


  2. I would say 4 shots are more then me. I have had much experience.
    You're right. I don't need a stupid boy. I just have to make myself believe it!

    Keep up the good cal count. I just binged :(