Friday, January 21, 2011


I'm heading out soon guys.

I've only had 140 calories so far today and I burned 650 at the gym. I think I'll eat 5 crackers before I leave to make me not get like sick.

I'm going to bar stocking at KA, where they usually just have a shit ton of mixed shots. Idk what's in these mixers so I'm just gonna ask for straight vodka shots and chase them with diet mountain dew. Sounds like a great plan.

Everyone just left without me :( I'm not ready yet because I went to the gym and had to shower...and I thought a driver would be here at 8:30 and he just showed up and 7:45 what the hell. I'll ask him to come get me in like half an hour.

I just wanna be skinny, happy, and partying :)

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  1. woot woot!!that's an excellent intake and a great workout! yay Haley!!have fun tonight <3