Tuesday, January 25, 2011

It's impossible for you to be unhappy, you live in a mansion.

Words of wisdom for the day.

So not true, but it made me think about how lucky I am and made me a little happier.

Not happy, idk. Less dead. I got shit accomplished today. I burned over 1000 calories at the gym.

But I ate like 2000. Fuck. Why do I always have to eat? I'm not even hungry. I literally just eat because I can.

I actually went to class and did shit. I got my computer fixed so my wireless internet works. I cleaned my room. I decided that I'm gonna start going to calc in the morning, even though I'm not in it, just so I can take credit by exam and not have to sit through it all summer.

My friend told me last night that I have a great future ahead of me, and that got me thinking. I need to stop being such a fucking fuck up. I'm so lazy and like I don't even care.

And as for eating. My goal right now is to fit into my dress by semi-formal (Feb 26th, I'm taking my little sister I decided)

My next goal is to get skinny enough to compete with all the imports that will be here for St. Pats.

And then be happy with myself by the time we get back from Spring Break.

UGGGHHH I just want to be skinny. Like my girl jackie (http://jackie-becomingbeautiful.blogspot.com/) said, fat girls are invisible.

And skinny girls are irrisistable.

Some thinspiration to fit into my dress!

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  1. wow! 1,000 burned is pretty darn good. you are going to be the prettiest and thinest girl at the whole semi-formal!!

    way to go lovie <3