Monday, October 18, 2010

When I grow up....

I just wrote like a 5 paragraph long rant about how I'm failing school and my life is ruined. It seriously went on and on and on. I'll sum it up right here in like one sentence. I have no motivation so I'm failing school and will never get into med school so I'll never be a doctor so I don't know what I'm gonna do with my life. I never know what I'm gonna do with my life. Every career I ever think of turns out not working out. Seriously, I'll make you a list.

1. Artist. This was my first aspiration in life. I was like 4 and I really liked to color. Unfortunately this didn't work out because, well, I suck at any kind of art. Seriously, my 8th grade art teacher gave me B's on all my assignments as long as I would a. not try to do any art and b. not take any more art classes. So yeah, I'm not gonna be an artist.

2. Waitress. I was around 6. Waitresses are nice and bring you food. It seemed like a great job. Then I realized, it's not.

3. Vet. Because I like kittens. But I hate all other animals. And they don't make shit.

4. Gymnastics Coach. I was obsessed with gymnastics. I was ALWAYS at gymnastics practice. It was like the only thing that made sense. Then I quit gymnastics. Still loved it and still wanted to coach. Then I realized they also don't make any money and it costs a TON to start a gym. So if I don't have any money to start a gym, and it won't ever pay off, it'd be more like a hobby, not a career.

5. Physical Therapist. Because gymnastics made me need a physical therapist a lot. So it was somehow linked to gymnastics but is a legit job. Now it seems too easy and boring.

6. Doctor. Next step up. Too hard. Also, it takes to long to become one. I don't think I'll live long enough to ever make it through med school, even if I were smart enough to get in.

I'm sure I've wanted to be other things, but I was super passionate about these things. So now I'm really confused.

Also, my boyfriend just texted me and asked me what I thought about him shaving his head inorder to get extra credit for a speech he's giving tomorrow. I think it's an awful idea but I'm not about to be a super possesive girl friend and tell him not to...I guess it's just hair and will eventually grow back. I just wish he would wait until AFTER formal to look retarded.

Also, I'm terrible at eating like a normal person. I either don't eat or I eat a freakin lot.

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