Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Everyone says it's part of Greek life. Ever since joinging a sorority the only thing I've heard about it is don't haze. One girl drunkenly told me to sing at a party and she got in trouble for hazing. It wasn't hazing at all. No hazing here.

There's definitely a lot of haze in my life lately. The past two and a half months have seemed surreal. Like a long vacation or something. Soon I'll have to go back home; to rules, parents, homework, boring weekends, and most of all starving. Actually, I had quite the reality check today. I'm in math 4/6. It's math 4 for half a semester and then math 6. I had to take my math 4 final today. Fer sure failed. And I had a C in that class and you need a C to move onto math 6. So it looks like I'll be going to math 2. Fuck. This wouldn't be a big deal if this was seriously the best I could do in the class. Or even anywhere close to the best. But really I haven't been trying at all. This is no where near where I should be. I'm so much better than this. I also found out my Chem test grade...82%. Everyone I told was like BITCH. But really I know I could have gotten an A. I rock at chemistry. I also weighed myself today. After all of that, this still ended up being the worst part of my day. I weigh 160 pounds! This is seriously disgusting. Granted, it was in the middle of the day, I'm sick (don't know if that makes a difference, I feel heavier though), I'm on my period (TMI???), and I was wearing like 5 layers of clothes. Those are all just excuses though. There is NO excuse for ever weighing 160 pounds. This needs to be dealt with.

75 Days to Happiness
Here's my plan. 75 days from now will be the first classes of next semester. Until then....
-Eat 500 calories or less a day. Just do it. No excuses.
-Burn 500 calories or more a day.
-Stretch everyday. It just makes me feel better. Plus it's a nice distraction when you're hungry.
-Don't get caught.

So yeah. That's my plan. The Goal is to lose 35 pounds by January 10. Theoretically it's possible. I CAN do this. I have to.


  1. OoOoh semi-new blog you've got goin here and I like it. You can for sure lose 35 pounds in 75 days if you are really damned determined and what not. It sounds like you are, and I am supporting you too!

    Am I your first follower?! Pa-shaaaa, I am going to put up a link to your blog so you can get some more support:)

    I'm so glad you found my blog and you like it!

    Ok I'm going to read your other posts now.

  2. I really dig this blog. And I have immense amounts of faith in you. Just take baby steps, my dear. Baby steps.