Monday, October 25, 2010

I was drinking from where I came, when I got here I did the same.

This weekend was mostly great. I got sufficiently drunk Friday night and Saturday night. If it was just that my weekend would have been all great. Unfortunately, I have to deal with a class -5 bitch constantly. -5 for no class at all. A girl in my sorority is trying her hardest to get me to quit. She can really just go fuck herself. The biggest problem with this situation is I'm just trying to ignore her and stay out of it, because eventually everyone will realize that I'm doing nothing and she keeps going. But it's SOOOO hard. Me and my big sis got drunk on saturday night and a heart to heart about it. She told me the other girl came to her complaining about me. Which she thought was the stupidest thing in the world because you can try turning everyone else against me, but you won't get my big sis.....that's where you get caught lying. My big sis told me this bitch was trying to get me brought up to J-board in our house for pre-gaming a social we had on Friday. I'm not gonna lie I kinda did pre-game but just kinda. I drank 1 Nos and Vodka very slowly about an hour before hand. NO WAY you could have noticed I was drunk. There was a big group of people there, but it was invite only so I'm thinking bitch heard about it, couldn't go, but knew I was there.
Oh and I just remembered last night my boyfriend was playing beer pong with this girl in my house for like an hour. Now they're facebook friends. My extremely insecure self is scared. I'll just not eat tomorrow.

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  1. Oh HELL no your boyfraaann did NOT play beer pong with that Bitch. I'll make her cry for you if you want? Miiigghhtt be fun. Just sayin.