Saturday, October 16, 2010


So last night there was free tea at Beta Sig. I love Beta Sig because they have an awesome dance floor and sound system so everyone is always dancing. And they have free tea on a regular basis.
I get there, and one of my sisters comes up to me, makes me promise I won't get too drunk, then we go get some tea together. We taste it, and decide it's impossible not to get drunk.
At some point during the night they ran out of tea :( So when I go to refill my cup I'm hugely disappointed. Luckily there's like 5 guys standing around with mixed drinks and they just offered them too me. Sweet. Guys here are usually pretty stingy with their alcohol, which is retarded because there's not that many girls so one would think they would just be like throwing it at us. But no. Anyway I take on of the drink and it tastes like cranberries. NO way. New Years Eve 2009: vodka+cranberry juice= me throwing up all night. So I don't like cranberry juice. I complain about it and one guy offers to mix me another drink, in the bar in his room.
This is where it gets sketch. I have a bar in my room, come upstairs with me and I'll get you another drink. I'm a little drunk so I roll with it. I get to his room and there is legit a huge bar in their. Like I was astonished. I was so sure he was lying. Then he takes my half empty drink and adds some clear liquor to it. He told me he didn't have vodka (retarded) so I'm thinking it was ever clear. And he was trying to like sneakily add it under the bar. Then he takes my drink, goes in a closet and comes out like 20 seconds later. Really freakin sketch! But I drank it anyway and I was fine. That's pretty much my night. I'll leave you with some texts I sent throughout the night.

9:18pm It's a pink party? Does that mean I have to wear pink?? Oh wait it does't matter I already am.

10:26pm I'm at Beta Sig. Free Tea!

10:29pm I know it's not actual tea, I'm not retaded.

11:35pm Tell me why like 653020 people from my high school are here and I'm schhwasted

11:59 Dude soooory I threw my drinkk at you., i dont know whta i wa s thinking

2:16am it means i'm upstairsss getting more alcohol with soem guy and theres a girl passed out in the cjudal

3:18am So um sorry i was really drunk and you were too in this should just be reguarded whenwe're sober because this is awkward coexi don't want to be awkward.

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