Monday, October 11, 2010

10 Things About Me

Because you really wouldn't want to read a blog about someone you know nothing about. Or you probably won't even after this. But still.

1. I'm a freshman at a kinda small, mostly engineering school that's 76% guys. You can just imagine how that is.
2. I've hated my body since I was 8. The dieting started then and should have never stopped. I'm too scared to weigh myself right now but I'm sure I'm around 160. I started school about 2 months ago at 151. My goal weight is around 125, for now anyway.
3. I'm in a sorority and I ABSOLUTELY LOVE it. I'm not gonna say which one though because I represent it pretty badly.
4. I have a big sister and a little sister. My little sister is my legit little sister. She's in high school and I'm extremely jealous of her. She makes me feel like crap. I got my big sis in my sorority yesterday. I abosolutely adore her, she's like my hero.
5. I'm failing school. I have homework to be doing now actually.
6. I've never had a serious relationship before, but I have a boyfriend now. We've been dating for like less than 2 weeks. Which is actually kinda long for me. I'm really scared that he's gonna break up with me because this is the first time I've been in a relationship where I'm comfortable and not sick of the person after 3 days. We'll see how this goes.
7. I don't know what I want to do with my life. Which is part of the reason I'm failing school. I just have no motivation because there's no reward at the end of all this work.
8. I probably drink too much. I drink the most out of any girl I know. Maybe my big sis beats me...we're perfect for each other. I just love vodka.
9. I have $0.51 in my bank account right now, $26.67 in my wallat, low cal foor in my room, a free gym, and a mostly full fifth at my boyfriends frat. That's all I need.
10. I'm a lot happier than I've been in a long time. Getting away from my parents and from the small high school I went to has been so good for me. The only thing stopping me from being a fully happy and confident person are my issues with my weight.

So yeah that's ten things I can think of right now. My day tomorrow will include weighing myself, going to the gym, and not eating too much. I'll probably go to class and see my big sis. I'll hopefully take a nap and see my boyfriend. I definitely will not eat too much.

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