Sunday, March 13, 2011

What's this feeling?

Ah gosh. I feel this way again. Like something's missing. Like home isn't home. Maybe it's just because it's an ending of a huge party and it's been rainy all day.

I had fun last night. I talked to this KA who's on Co-op this semester for a really long time. We made out a lot, actually. In public. Mostly at the bar, when we were like the only people up there. But people definitely saw. So I broke my 2 biggest party rules. Don't make out with a KA and don't make out in public. Ha

At 1:30 Julia and I rolled out and walked like all the fuck around campus. We ended up chilling at Phi Kaps for a while because I'm kinda talking to a guy there. Well, I was. This was the first time Julia met him... the second we walk out the door she goes "You know he looks exactly like Alex, right?" I was like no way....then thought about it. They're practically fucking twins. What the hell.

Speaking of Alex, he texted me today. He was like I just want to apologize for making what happened 2 fridays ago personal. I really was just trying to tell you that you aren't welcome over here anymore and I'm glad you actually owned up that you did something wrong. You definitely handled the situation better than I did and I'm sorry.


I think I'm just gonna shower and go to bed early tonight. I'm starting SGD tomorrow. For reals this time.

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