Monday, March 21, 2011

I can never get away from last semester!!!

So I got SO fucked over today.

We were signing housing contracts at my sorority for next semester today and it was going in order of room pick order. K, I know I'm last in room picks, no big deal. I have a shitty GPA and no positions in the house and I'm a freshman. I get it.

So my name gets called very last and I'm just like whatever. I walk in the room and the president is like, why don't you shut the door and take a seat. So I'm like alrigghhttt.....and then she goes. So I have some bad news for you, we overestimated how many girls are moving out this semester so we hit capacity 2 people before you, you're going to have to move out of the house. And I'm like ummmmm what am I supposed to do? And she goes well we'll help you and the other girl get an apartment together. I'd be cool with that....except we're both freshman so we won't have enough credits to move off campus for another year. WTF

So here's semester from hell following me into next fucking year. I just wanted to leave it all here. God Damn.

We're going to the residential life office tomorrow to see if we can possible move off campus now because we have such a shitty situation. We're totally prepared to cry and make a scene. We're not leaving until they approve us. lol

Alex and I have been facebook chatting for like an hour now about random things. I just told him how I made 3 behind the back shots in one game of beer pong this weekend. Shit like that. What's going on?

Tomorrow I promise I will legitly start SGD. This entire thing is pissing me off and giving me so much motivation. Fuck you all. Well not people reading this. People who are stupid. ughhhhh

And I really want to start working out again. Being sick for like ever really got me out of shape. I literally haven't worked out in like a month. I want to work out so bad!

I want to be skinny so bad actually.

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  1. Oh my god! they ran out of room?! can't they just like make a double a triple or something? that's horrible. I'm actually really mad for you right now. ugh. people are so stupid.

    I'm rooting for you. good luck on SGD too, it makes me happy to have the structure.

    go kick some residential life office ass!