Thursday, March 24, 2011

Tell me what you know about dreams.

Didn't go to class at all today. Actually I've only gone to one class all week. I'm so fucked up. I really want to go to class. Like have that motivation. And do well. But it's just not happening. Hopefully spring break next week will rejuvenate me. Or just juvenate, I was never motivated, no need for the re- haha.

Alex and I have been talking on facebook for like at least 3 hours now. It's the first time we've really had like actual convos. The first time we've mentioned sex or anything from when we were dating. There's been a lot of refrencing to when we were dating actually. And there's a lot of insults, which I feel like is because we're getting comfortable with each other again. We've almost gotten into a fight like 3 times now and everytime one of us pulls us back up again.

And my friend's facebook status on the top of my newsfeed is "you can always go back to your soulmate, that's what makes them your soulmate." For the first time I can actually see Alex and I getting back together....not that I'm saying I think he's my soul mate.

I made a rule for my SGD, I can only burn off 300 calories a day, anything else is just extra. I'm doing this because I'll eat a lot and then be like I'll just burn off 1000 calories at the gym. And most of the time I can't do it. I also feel like it's less productive. I lose more weight when I just don't eat than when I work off everything I eat. Idk if that's legit or not, it's probably just miscalculations or something. I mean, a calorie's a calorie.

That's really all I have to say....oh I get to live in house next semester! Apparantly a lot of girls were pissed about what happened and didn't think it was right so they went to the president and offered up their housing contracts for me, without my knowing. I'm extremely grateful to them. This is what sisterhood is.

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  1. school is the fucking devil. i need to stop going. thankfully tomorrow, ill probably show up high. haha. congrats on having such lovely friends (: stay lovely. <3