Saturday, March 12, 2011

With the parties, the disasters, with my friends all pretty and plastered.

So St. Pats is winding down. Last parties tonight. I'm heading to KA in like an hour for theirs, they won St. Pats so they should have a big party. And I want to get started early. Me and Julia are planning a tour de frat for later. That's a secret though.

With St. Pats ending I feel like I'm coming back from some kind of dream. Like, I had my time of moping and sad and then crazy fun, and now I have to be realistic. I need to put my fucking school first. I need to chill out a little bit. I need to lose weight. I need to be happier.

So starting tomorrow, that's where my focus is. I'm gonna clean up my life. It will be what it's supposed to be. I'll have some kind of control.

But I'm just letting it all go tonight. One last time.

Here's to my "freshman year."

Let's Party.

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  1. just one last night. it'll be nice to get back to work and focus. have a great saturday night!