Friday, March 18, 2011

What should be a terrible day makes me the happiest girl in the world.

Things that went wrong today:
1. Slept through my 1 class and missed a 50 point quiz
2. Ate a shit ton
3. Didn't go to the gym
4. Didn't study AT ALL for my chem test tomorrow
5. Didn't start my English paper that's due tomorrow
6. Made one of my pledge sisters really mad, by accident
7. Had to go door to door at Sigma Chi, even though I really don't know anyone there, and try to sell tickets for our fish fry fundraiser tomorrow. It was so embarassing
8. Vandy and Louisville lost. There goes my bracket.
9. Michigan State lost. There goes the only thing that gets me through winter

Things that went right today:
1. Alex texted me, and we just chatted for awhile

Idk why this makes me so happy. Like honestly because Michigan State lost, I should be crying. I cry every year when the lose in the tourny, and this year was especially sad...But Alex texted me towards the beginning of the game and said "Go Michigan State!!" Because anyone who has ever met me knows I'm OBSESSED with Michigan State Basketball. I just texted back yeah. to emphasize the fact that I think it's awkward that he's talking to me. And he just started talking about the game. So we texted about the game all during the game. And that's all.

He did facebook me last night too and it was really weird. He just asked me if I saw this album of pictures on facebook really. After he said like 4 things to me he went offline.

Idk what's going on here. But I'm really excited for tomorrow. First of all, It's Friday (Friday, Friday, fun fun fun fun!) and second of all I know Alex is going to our Fish Fry because I saw the Lambda Chi sign up sheet so hopefully he'll be there. I just have to make it through an all-nighter now, a chem test in the morning, and finish that paper during lunch, then I'll be so free. Can't wait.

SO anyway, here's so pictures I've found from St. Pats

Don't remember taking this picture, I did get in a lot of trouble for that shirt though. It says Rub For Luck. I hate having standards.

Yeah, my forehead days I <3 Vodka. And yeah, the next night when I stepped into the blacklight at that night's party I look at my friend and go "what's on your face?" and she goes "omg what's on yours?" Yeah, still there.

All I remember about this night is having a like 4 hour long heart-to-heart with this guy. And all I remember about the heart-to-heart was us being like "we're such good friends when we're drunk, why aren't we friends sober? We should totally be sober friends."

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