Sunday, October 30, 2011

Things I think about at 3 am

- I'm really sorry if my comments sometimes suck. I'm seriously the worst advice giver ever. And I never have been able to deal with a cryer (not that you all are cryers lol) I hardly ever do hugs. I probs need to get in touch with my compassionate side.

-I'm still effing sick. I've been popping vitamin c like House pops vic, soo no gym again today. Luckily I'm basically on a soup/juice/water diet.

-I've kinda decided that confusing boy is...just that, fucking confusing. I don't really think it's going anywhere. He was exactly what I needed when I needed it, but it's a lot of effort for anything else to happen there...

- One way I know I've grown up? I totally fail at texting. Like, what's the point if you're not inviting me somewhere, telling me when we're meeting, or telling a totes vital piece of gossip. I CAN'T HAVE A TEXT CONVO ABOUT JUST WORTHLESS SHIT. It's lame and time consuming. That's probably why I'm done with confusing boy, too much texting and not enough hanging out. Maybe next semester when I'll actually see him more than like once every 2 weeks. But who knows.

- My best friend is a drunk ass fucking spoiled (fat) bitch. And a terrible influence on me. And everyone is getting really annoyed with her. But she's still my best friend. I would really prefer prettier friends, but ones I can talk shit to and drink with work too. But when I go back to school I'm gonna need to branch out, she's not ready to grow up.

- My other best friend tried to kill herself and dropped out of school. She took a bunch of pills, left our sorority house and went for a walk around this creepy ass town in the middle of the night. And who does she call crying? Me. I promise I'm not a heartless bitch, and I really did not mind at all listening to her cry and secretly texting someone who was closer than 90 min away from her to help. But really, whyyy me. Idk what to say! I never do! But I'm glad I know what's actually going on in her life, because she lied to everyone else about why she's leaving school and stuff. I really do love her and hope she can get through this.

-My little sister 5'6, 120 and looks like the tiniest person in the world. Which is making me think maybe I could be happy with being like 130 since I have a good 3 inches on her.

-I have 70 days until I start school again. CANNOT FUCKING WAIT.

Can I please look like this?????


  1. I'm a bad commenter/advice giver too. Your life sounds dramatic and interesting at the moment lol. Hope everything goes the way you want it :)

  2. Ditto ditto ditto. I'm more of a look on the bright side or here's the silver lining kinda girl. E.g. We had to put my dog down - very sad. I say - it could be worse, he could have gotten ridden over by a bus. It's not helpful. Sometimes it does inspire a giggle though. Sucks. I get SO uncomfy around people crying. Fuck it. Keep strong! xo

  3. I never know what to say when someone is crying....but I do give very good hugs so use that instead of words.