Tuesday, October 25, 2011


I've been failing miserably at this whole being healthy thing. I've only been to the gym twice since I decided all of that.

I do kinda have an excuse though, I'm back in my college town this weekend. I went there Thursday night because I had a meeting with my department chair at the school on Friday morning. The meeting went well, and I'm pretty sure I'm officially going to be a student there starting in January.

Okay now, this weekend is mostly about confusing boy. I ran into him friday night right before the guys in his house were gonna go on a beer run. I convince them to buy my some vodka, go over to the house to pick it up, and just end up partying there all night. Blah blah blah party party party, I end up in confusing boys bed, we make out, cuddle and sleep. Nice night :)

SO saturday night there's a big party at another house and my friends made some bad decisions at confusing boy's house, so I'm sent to pick up our left over alcohol by myself. Confusing boy suggest we play a game of drinking south park before I head to the other party. Yeah sure, why not? It turns into like 5 games of drinking south park and we end up just staying in his room all night. And finally having sex. Well idk if it's finally since it's like the 5th time we've hung out...but it seems like a finally. And we banged for like ever, seriously. And then we cuddled and fell asleep. He's a really good cuddler. He texted me about an hour after I left that morning and we kept texting all day.

And then last night (Monday) I went over there and watched TV with him. And then I just left at like 2 am. And then we texted some flirty texts back and forth. And then I left town.

So really, idk what's going on there, and I'm still confused. So he's still gonna be called confusing boy lol. I tried really really hard not to like him, buuuuuttttt.

I also have a lot of girl drama going on in my life. And one of my best friends is in a really bad place. It just seems to be a lot of work to write all of that down. I think that's why I like having a guy (sorta) to distract me.

I don't like to check blogs while I'm at school because I'm always using someone else's computer and I feel like they'll notice or something...sooo I'll try catching up on everyone's posts today!


  1. Trying hard not like a boy always comes back and bites me in the ass...haha. It just doesn't work.
    Banged for like ever, huh? Is that an indefinite time limit?

    It sounds like you had fun though, and that is great :)

    Don't beat yourself up about not going to the gym, right away. It sounds like you've had a wonderful time since you decided on doing this healthy and well I'm glad you had fun.

    I really have no clue what the meaning of this comment is...wow...I need sleep :(

  2. College takes up alot of time with all the classes and work. Dont beat yourself up over not going to the gym that much you can always start going tomorrow!! :)

  3. You have to discipline yourself enough to where is doesn't only become a habit, but also a lifestyle change. Maybe focusing on your girl friend should be your priority and have the confusing guy come second...that way you are indirectly playing hard to get. Everything always gets messed up when we care and worry too much when it comes to guys. He seems to really like you so just let it happen and if its meant to be then it will be :) Look luck xoxo