Sunday, October 9, 2011

Dear 2011, you suck

January- Boyfriend breaks up with me
February- become so depressed- sleep for 14+ hours a day, drink while I'm awake
March- Sick for the ENTIRE month, still depressed
April- Told I can't live in my sorority next semester, Everyone starts hating me, still depressed
May- Failed ALL of my classes
June- Kicked of my sorority (financially expelled), parents kick me out
July- Get in a fight with one of my best friends, haven't talked since
August- Want to go back to SD but can't, do absolutely nothing all month
September- Visit school, feel completely unwelcome, do absolutely nothing all month
October- get a job and lose a job, do absolutely nothing all month

And add to all of those months, I'M FAT

I don't even want to know what November and December are going to bring.

But I do know 2012 will be completely different. I'm not letting depressed, drinking my life away, fat Haley be here anymore. It will take a while to change that, but I guess that's what the rest of 2011 is for.

FUCK YOU 2011. 2012 WILL BE MY YEAR (even if the world does end)

I'm fasting until further notice.


  1. Sorry you are having such a bad time babe.. If it makes you feel any better, I know how you feel. Not that comparison will ease any of the pain that you feel. This actually sounds JUST like my 2010.

    Jan, My beautiful son turns 1 month old. His dad had temp custody of him and we were fighting so I could only see him 2 hours a day.

    Feb, I got kicked out of my sons fathers house.

    March, Lost my job making lots of money, ended up with a job paying me 7/hr and only 20hrs a week.

    Apr, My son died while I was at work.

    May, Sons father lets me move in and cheats on me.

    Jun, Hospitalized with my kidneys shutting down.

    Jul, Out of the hospital, LOST JOB!

    Aug, Depressed.

    Sep, got my STNA license and start working.

    Oct, laid off from work because the center I worked for lost their Union contract (I was Union)

    Nov, No holiday celebration.

    Dec, Depressed, moved alone while Sons dad was at work. INCLUDING his stuff....

    Fuck the world honey. Don't let shit get you down. It is true that what doesn't kill you, really does make you stronger!

    If nothing else, you can stay with me... My door is always open to you. If you can handle Ohio weather, that is..

  2. Fuck man, that sucks major dick. Chin up - only two more shitty months left of this shitty year. Viva la 2012! :) Xo