Sunday, October 30, 2011


"omg skype NOW! and check your facebook."

That's the text I woke up to. So I rolled over, opened my laptop, immediately get a video call from my best friend and pull up my facebook.

Guess who's all of a sudden in a facebook official relationship! Confusing boy. WTF. AND the comments on his changed relationship status are like "finally" "it's about time" WTF x2

So I guess this is why he's been so confusing lol I'm not really mad, even though I got like, totally played. I'm just like super confused (of course). I mean, he hung out with me literally all last weekend. I guarantee you he did not see this other girl once. And I know she was in town, I saw her....I used to party with this girl from time to time. And he's been blowing up my life with texts. Soooo like wtf happened there??

Whatevs, I'm over you confusing boy. You were barely taller than me anyways.

Okay sooo I was feeling a lot better today so I decided to get an eliptical work out in....I DIED. After 20 minutes. What the hell. My eliptical also said I burned 300+ less than 20 min??? I would seriously highly doubt this if I hadn't been completely fucking wiped out. I know my eliptical at my house is really different from the ones at the gym butttt idk this doesn't make any sense.

I also did a short work out at the soccer fields by my house. I also died then. I'm soooo out of shape. And I can barely do 10 pushups. How did I let myself get sooo fat?? Whatever, I have to start somewhere, and I'll only see improvement from here on out.


  1. Wow confusing boy's private life just got a whole hell of a lot confusing!
    Sorry for that.
    I'm beating myself up over getting so out of shape :/ I need to really just work on it and push on! Perseverance!

  2. Ohhh girl, that sucks to hear, boys can be so annoying sometimes, but I'm glad to see you're keeping your chin up, and I'm glad your friend was there having your back to let you know asap!
    Good job with the workout today, I love the feeling of death after a hard workout. I say, if your elliptical says you burned over 300, roll with it, maybe you did! As for the pushups thing, I friggen hate pushups, keep working at it and you'll be able to do more each time! Every workout I try to add at least one pushup to my original amount. It feels sooo goood when I am able to do it though :)

  3. Boys can be so confusing sometimes and it is especially bad when you're like me and you're not good at reading situations. It happened to me a few months ago and is still happening, the guy said he liked me, then got with an acquaintance of mine and yet he still flirts with me every single time I see him and he is so obvious about it. So guys are extremely confusing.