Sunday, October 9, 2011

Life sucks

Seriously, my life is shit.

Everyone fucking bailed on me tonight.

I'm sitting home, all alone, being freaked out like every 12 seconds. I swear there is someone in my house, but know there's not.

I just wanted to get drunk and party.

But instead I'm sitting at home, listening to Brand New radio on Pandora like a fucking emo kid.

And don't worry all the calories I'm saving from not drinking my weight in alcohol and being made up in cookie dough as I type this.

And my liver is fine, but my lungs are going to shit from my fucking chain smoking all night.

The only 2 texts I've gotten after 10pm were within 5 minutes of each other at about 2 am. Fucking booty calls. Last chance booty calls.

Oh, and the tigers fucking lost.

Sick of this shit. I need another cig.

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