Tuesday, April 12, 2011

I'll grow old, start acting my age. I'll be a brand new day in a life that you hate.

I think I like to disappoint. idk. It's like if I always disappoint, people stop expecting things from me.

But I'm sick of being disappointing. I have my math final on Thursday and I'm studying my ass off for it. My GPA is not gonna be good this semester, but that's no reason to just quit. I can still make my GPA good enough to not fail out of school. I have the power to make or break this.

Same with losing weight. I've been to scared to put my actual weight on here lately because I've let it get too high. Well as of this morning I weighed 160.8. Disgusting. This will change though. Today I've eaten 2 ribs and a peice of corn on the cob at dinner. And I worked off 250 calories at the gym. So idk what my intake was exactly but I'm not eating any more for the rest of the day so I should be good. Tomorrow's wednesday so I'm doing alcohol calories only.

As I mentioned, I had dinner. Wait, I actually attended dinner. Girls in my sorority say they never see me unless I'm at a party. Well, here's my effort to be closer to you all. I'll be attending our sisterhood retreat on friday too, even though it's gonna cut into my partying time. And I may even go to our intermural soccer game tomorrow even though it's at the same time as the wine and cheese social. Maybe.

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