Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Uggggh.. where's the vodka?

So after feeling pretty good about how I did yesterday I go to my first class of the day. I'm just surfing my facebook when I see one of my sister's status...

"Just waiting for class to be over so I can go to Einstein's for breakfast!"

OMFG. Einsteins! I want a freaking bagel. Sooooo bad. I try try try to get that idea out of my head. But a bagel sounds soooo good.

After reading some blogs I decide it's not worth it and walk back to my dorm after class instead of getting food.

Then I was just chillin. Watching TV, trying to wake up actually for the day. And I just lost all control. I walked all the way across campus again for that god damn bagel. And a coffee cake. And a cookie.

Like WTF. Just kill me please. I ate it all. Even though I felt sooooo sick. I tried to throw it up but I couldn't. College has made me like nervous or something about purging. I don't want to be throwing up in a public bathroom. Especially when I have 4 sisters living on this floor with me. If people knew....FUCK. Not that they would think that I'm mia or anything. Obviously I'm not. I'm fat as fuck.

On top of all that, today is 100 daze. See, my school is obsessed with St. Pats. Like seriously there is a ten day celebration and we get a couple of those days off of class. Apparently it's just 10 days of being drunk like all day. I've been hearing about some 6 am parties. "Kegs and Eggs" "Drivers and Donuts". It goes without saying that I'm super excited for this. I'm probably an alcoholic.

ANYWAY there's supposedly huge parties at 100 daze and 50 daze. Last night at chapter our St. Pats chair (Yeah. We have a St. Pats chair. It's that big of a deal)Sooo anyway my big sister turns to me and is like WHAT!? so there's a party? right? let's go! But so far I haven't heard of any parties, except for at bars which I don't care about because I'm only 18 :(

BUT if I do hear about a party the chances of me going and getting trashed are soooo high. I haven't partied the past 2 weekends, with the exception of pre-gaming black friday. But that was just me and a friend sitting around drinking and chat hopper-ing. No dancing. No Boys. No Beer Pong. So it doesn't count. And I really wanna party. But alcohol has calories :( Efffff. I don't know what to do with myself.

I wanna screaaaaaammmmmmm!!!

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