Wednesday, November 17, 2010


I really don't know what to say. There's just too much to say so everytime I start writing I stop because I just ramble. So I'm gonna try to sum up my last I don't even know how long with a list. In chronalogical order for the most part.
1. Gold said he didn't want to see me for an entire week. And he stuck to that. Even when I freaked out one night and was about to be done with him.
2. I spent most of that week trying to focus on initiation stuff but all I could really think of was Gold. Fucking lame.
3. I got initiated. Best experience of my life. Seriously.
4. I met Gold's mom and some other random family members. Yes, it was the first time we had seen each other in a week, and yes he did wake me up at 8 am (the morning after initiation, so that's like 2 hours of sleep?) and ask me to be at his house in like 15 minutes to meet them. Yeah, of course I can get ready to meet your family in 15 minutes!!! WTF.
5. I think this gets me to last week...I'm not sure though...anyway
6. I made a new rule for myself, No partying on the weekend if you miss any classes.
7. I went to every single freaking class.
8. Gold and I were better than ever. Seriously last week with him was AMAZING.
9. I hung out at my sorority more than ever. It's starting to feel like home.
10. Oh. I got really drunk Monday night in the dorms LOL. We were gonna do P90X, which turned into watching a movie, which turned into drinking and watching a movie, which turned into making ridiculous drinking games pertaining to the movie.
11. I got really drunk Thursday night at KA. Me and my friend Emily were bored and her ummmm not boyfriend? is a KA so we went over there. I'm not really sure what was going on but it was fun.
12. I got really drunk Friday night at KA as well. Friday night was crazy there. Like I've really never seen that many people there. And KA is definitely a house that my sorority hangs out with a lot. And we're like their favorites. We're pretty much all of Frat Row's favorites. And that's me being humble. Anyway I was really drunk and I danced a lot. maybe kinda slutty too. but I slept with Gold that night so no cheating.
13. I got really drunk Saturday night too. I drank 2 Four Loko. I was at Beta Sig. That's about all I know. I passed out in my room. Gold came over unannouced at like 5. He was being super asshole-y. He complained about everything I do that annoys him. And I was like wtf. He was also being way more aggressive than usual.
14. Gold told me last night that one of their pledges saw me at Beta Sig then texted another guy in the house asking if Gold and I are still together. When he said yes, the guy at Beta Sig was like what a cunt she's all over some guy. Gold saw it and flipped out. That's why he came over. When he found out I was all over some guy as in dancing. He was like oh, yeah, that's called DANCING. He gave that pledge some demerits for calling me a cunt.
15. I ate a shit ton. I don't know what's wrong with me. I have no self control.


  1. Aww... At least you're able to keep track of it all!

  2. OF course you don't have self control because your telling yourself you don't... If you are negative then nothing good will come out of that... you need to BE POSITIVE!!! Seriously I have faith in you but you need to have faith in yourself, because even though I and the rest of the girls on blogger are here for you, It is YOU who has to tell yourself that you have self control and that everything will be OK!