Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Umm Pre-gaming finals week???

So I didn't have the best weekend. Well Week/Weekend. I didn't study for finals. I feel like it's useless now. I'm just gonna fail anyway. I'm drinking my fear/sadness/patheticness away.

Night 1:
Who I drank with: Eleanor. Coolest girl ever. Also very skinny.
What I drank: Sipped tequila with V8 berry blend. Chugged 3 beers. Huge accomplishment for me. I hate beer. But it wasn't Natty Light. So it doesn't really count.
When I drank: like midnight to 2 on Wednesday
Where I drank: Theta Xi. Fuckin hated that place before. But I learned their pledge class is pretty legit. Just the pledges suck
Why I drank: Chrismas Party.
Notes: Met some older Sigma Chi's there. They literally all said "Ohhhhh! She's that girl!?" Yeah. Seriously, like that was 6 guys reactions.

Night 2:
Who I drank with: My big sister, My two big, and another girl in my sorority. Future VP actually.
What I drank: 3/4 of a fifth of vodka. Supposedly. It wasn't my vodka so I was getting shit for it.
When I drank: Thursday night after IM games
Where I drank: Lambda Chi
Why I drank: I'm not really sure. My big sister asked me if I wanted to.
Notes: I got really really really hammered. I got mad at Alex, and I don't remember why. He tells me it was because "I care too much". But that was a result of the fight. I tore down all the christmas lights in the house. I slammed doors like 7 times. I cried in the hallway. I was still drunk when I got to my 2 pm class the next day.

Night 3:
Who I drank with: ummmm just Alex and other guys in his house
What I drank: around half a fifth of vodka. But it was mine this time. No worries.
When I drank: All night
Where I drank: Lambda Chi again
Why I drank: It was Friday.
Notes: ummm it was fun

Night 4:
Who I drank with: Random guys I met in the elevator. Emily, one of my best friend in my pledge class. Some Kappa Alpha's.
What I drank: Shots of Captain with the guys in the elevator. Some vodka and mountain dew. A shit ton of vodka and hawaiian punch that I stole from a KA (you know those giant things of hawaiian punch?), a beer, some strawberry champaign.
When I drank: Midnight to three probably
Where I drank: Theta Xi, again
Why I drank: It was their Christmas party
Notes: It was fun hanging out with KA's. I've gone over to their house Sunday and Monday to study now that I'm friends with them. Alex was really mad that I was super drunk again. I was really really really really drunk by the time I made it to Lambda Chi that night. And apparently some other girl was a fucking trainwreck there and they finally got her to leave when one of the guys saw me falling up the front steps. He ran out to see how drunk I was (He told me that later, I thought he was being nice and making sure I was ok) but decided I was ok. Other guys thought I was worse than the other girl, just more coordinated and less slutty. Who knows.

So I'm completely irresponsible and don't think about my future at all. But atleast I had fun.

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