Thursday, December 23, 2010

Christmas Detox

Just a quickie here. I've been home for a week with insanely slow internet and creepin parents.

So I've kinda realized my blog has become a sort of list of the drinks I drink and stupid pointless stories about my nights out. Which is sorta what my life has become. Not good. I'm working on changing this guys, promise.

My family is driving to Michigan in a couple of hours to visit more family (family roadtrips, yay!). I plan on spending most of that time sleeping and the rest making lists. I really like to make lists.

I've also thought of 2 new things that will keep me on track, as far as losing weight is concerned. The first, I will make a goal every morning for my eating and working out that day. I will be truthful with myself in this goal because that's my typical downfall. The second is I want to start training for a triathalon. Whether or not I'll compete in a triathelon has not yet been determined. I'm just the competetive sporty type and this will really help bump up the intensity of my workouts.

Love you all, stay strong for the holidays!

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