Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Boys Boys Boys

OMG I'm confused.

The guy I cheated on my boyfriend with, his name is cody, just really confuses me. I'm like really attracted to him. We've made out on two occasions. The last time was when me and Alex got into a huge fight. I've tried to stay away from his house since then.

But last night one of my sisters asked me if I would please go drink with her at Sigma Chi. Yes, I want to drink. Yes, I like to chill at Sigma Chi. But, no, I really should stay away from there. She promised me we would not be hanging out with Cody. Fine.

We get there, chill with some dudes, play some beer pong. Then Cody walks through the room. A second later I get a text from him, wanna smoke? I can't help myself. Seriously I know I shouldn't but I say yes. So we drive to some random parking lot and smoke for like, 2 hours. We were high as fuck. He's so cool to hang out with. Like seriously, so cool. hmmmmmmm

Reasons why I should like Cody more than Alex.
1. He's way better looking
2. He dresses pretty well. Not extremely well. But quite, Frat. Yes, he definitely has a Frat wardrobe.
3. Adding to that, he always has great shoes. Seriously guys, the shoes make the outfit
4. He smokes weed. I do too occasionally. I like to chill. Alex has never smoked in his life, will never smoke in his life. He judges hardcore when I do. Get off me man.
5. He doesn't really drink. I hate having to deal with drunk Alex all the time.
6. He's liberal. And his religion on facebook says "Peace and love"
7. He's majoring in Petroleum Engineering. They make bank. Like seriously. $80,000+ right out of college. I'm just looking ahead, you know?
8. His family obviously has money. Nice clothes, nice car, nice watch, nice weed.
9. He's in a much more respected fraternity than Alex. I wouldn't get shit for dating a "rambda guy"
10. He's tall. I'm a pretty tall girl. I need a tall guy. Alex is only like an inch taller than me, tops.

So yeah. I don't want to break up with Alex. I really don't. But idk if that's just because I don't know if Cody wants a relationship. Or because I feel like now, Alex could upgrade slightly. If I lost like 20 pounds there's no way he could upgrade. Honestly. And I'm also afraid I'm just being super harsh because Alex and I didn't have the best last few days. They haven't been bad, just not good. Ahhh idk what to do.

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