Thursday, December 2, 2010

Substance Abuse?

So tonight we had a scholarship speaker/dinner thing for my sorority. The topic? Stress. How fitting.

First of all we had to fill out this little survey thing checking off things that have happened to us this semester to determine stress that we're dealing with and we got like a score. Anything over 300 is severely stressed. I got 684.

Next we had to circle symptoms of stress that we've been experiencing. I'm looking, and circling things in the emotional and mental (aren't they the same thing?) columns and I'm like wow I have like no physical symptoms of stress. Weird. Then one girl at my table was like are you serious right now???? She takes her stupid marker and circles SUBSTANCE ABUSE on my paper. I'm like, what? No. And then everyone at my table is like really? Can you remember any weekend?? Then one of my closest friends was like, yeahhhhh think about last night...perfect example.

I was freaking out about my grades during the lecture part of my chem lab. We got released to our labs, I snuck out the door and just left. I considered running away then remembered I have no money. So I went back to my room. Blogged. Mixed a drink. Drank it so fast. Mixed a 44 ounce drink. Went to lambda chi. Watched some Michigan State Basketball (LOVE. Even though they lost.) Hung out with my boyfriend, his brothers, their girlfriends/slampieces, had a good time, felt happy, social, sooo much better.

Anyway. I don't understand what's wrong with that. Alcohol makes me happy and social. I don't rely on it to be happy and social, it just helps. It makes me feel good. I don't get shitfaced crazy on the weekdays. I don't make too many bad decisions. I don't drink during the day like ever. I do get shitfaced crazy on the weekends because I think it's fun. I like to drink and dance. I don't think this is substance abuse AT ALL. I don't even see how it could be. It's really not a problem. It's like what I like to do?

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  1. haha slampieces... that made me laugh!

    I personally don't see what's wrong with what you did. Alcohol is good way to relax and you are using moderation (except for the weekends...but who practices moderate drinking on the weekends. HELLO! lol). If a mixed drink calms your nerves then go for it! I would lol