Monday, December 6, 2010

Christmas lights and Jello shots

Hey guys! Wassup? I'm just chillin here watching South Park. Cartman's eating Vagisil. Yeah.

So, it's Sunday night. Here are some highlights of my weekend.
1. Well first of all it was CPW. That's right, Christmas. Party. Weekend.
2. Tea
3. I finally got Alex (My boyfriend. I'm sick of calling him Gold. That's just dumb. Idk why I did that.) to go to Beta Sig with me. I <3 Beta Sig dance parties. I don't understand why guys hate going to parties at other frats. Sorry their house is having a better party than yours is tonight, but instead of sitting at your house bitching about how everyone just leaves whenever there's a badass party somewhere, you should probably just go fuck shit up at that badass party. But anyway, it was fun going out with him.
4. Stealing 1 handle of everclear, 1 fifth of svedka, about 1/2 a shot of random liquor out of about 17 random people's rooms (operation GTFO with alcohol), a fifth of Jose Cuervo Gold, 18 jello shots, and a box of Franzia.
5. Wearing ugly Christmas sweaters and Christmas bows!

That's pretty much my weekend. My eating was ok, not as good as it could be. I probably ate around 600 calories everyday. But I drank a ton too. But I mean, it could be worse. Why does every frat house ever have toasted ravioli!? Best drunk food ever. But I managed to not eat any this weekend. Even though everyone was doing it. Fuck peer pressure. LOL

So usually I'm very depressed on Sunday nights. With the weekend being over and all. But tonight I'm just super excited for tommorrow. It's gonna be a great day for several reasons.
1. I just checked my email and the chapter agenda was there. Guess what!!! There's 3 candle lights tomorrow!!! 3!!!!! There has only been 1 other candlelight so far this semester and now all of a sudden there's three in one week. I'm freaking excited. But I'm guessing most of you don't know what a candle light is. It's like this ritual type thing that we do when a girl gets lavaliered ( Gets a necklace with her boyfriends letter on it, it's like a promise ring) or engaged. And it's like a huge secret who it's for. We're putting together creeper lists of girls who are in serious relationships and speculating who it's for. So fun!
2. We find out who gets to move in house next semester. I really really really wanna move in house then. So I hope I get to.
3. Already have plans to drink at Sigma Chi

I feel like there's another reason I'm so excited but I can't think of it now. Gosh darn.

Well that's all I have to say really. Sorry it was kinda boring. And that I didn't have super good news to tell you like I fasted all weekend and ran a marathon. But I am gonna leave you with a link to a great website I just found. It's perfect for killing time and a good laugh. <--- check it out!

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