Wednesday, November 2, 2011

I'm gonna save today and make it the first day of the rest of my life :)

Seriously, I woke up and ate 10 oreos...whyyyyy????

So I do that and then I'm like well I failed today, no work out now, I'll eat whatever I want.

But I ALWAYS do this. If I would have just stopped this forever ago I would already be loving my body. So I'm done with this. I'm going to the gym. I'm fasting for the rest of the day. I'm going to change.

Nothing changes if nothing changes.

I'm also gonna start the 60 day challenge to keep me on track a little bit.

Day one: How tall are you, what do you currently weigh, and what do you hope to weigh after the 60 days?
I'm 5'9", 164 pounds and I hope to weight 135 pounds by the end of 60 day, I know that's unrealistic, but I'm aiming high lol

And for the weekly challenge, I'm giving up chocolate. I am literally addicted and I always effing binge on it. FUCK YOU CHOCOLATE.

Speaking of things that should fuck themselves, apparently confusing boy was "exclusive" with the girl he's now facebook official with for a month now. That would be like everytime we hung out other than when we first met. Next time I see him he will be getting a crazy death stare from me lol.


  1. you can do it!! Good luck with your challenge!!! :)

  2. Aiming high, huh? Hahaha that is what I'm going to call it from now on! Unrealistic is now aiming high :)

    Good luck.

    Kick ass at the gym, dear!

  3. I am forever doing that with food, once I start eating anything bad I just can't stop, all will power goes completely out the window!
    please can you explain the 60 day challenge for me? I would love to lose that much in 60 days, good luck


  4. hey hun,
    started following your blog, really interested in this whole 60day challenge thing. Good luck with it!!!
    I'd love it if you could follow my blog, we can support each other!