Sunday, November 6, 2011

cramps and earthquakes

Day four: Do you work out? How many times a week?
Yes. I aim to work out every-damn-day. But that doesn't always today....

So I woke up this morning, took like 5 steps out of bed and got this weird cramp in my calf that like knocked the wind out of me but only lasted like 5 seconds. A couple steps later and it happens again. And it happened all motherfucking day. I could not walk across a room without getting one. Like it is still happening.

I do have really bad problems with getting calf cramps in my sleep, I got really bad ones about once a week from the time I was 15 til sometime last year. And when I say bad, I mean baddd. Like, jolted awake in immense pain, instantly covered in sweat, screaming/crying for 5-10 minutes while my calf felt like a fucking rock. Eventually I could massage/stretch it enough for it to relax a little and the pain to subside slightly, but then I could never sleep afterwards. I was soooo scared it would just happen again if I fell asleep. And then the next day my calf would be so sore I had to limp around. I looked so pathetic.

I could never find any correlation between the cramps and workouts, or changes in my diet (like too much salt messing up the NA/K exchange??) But I just started drinking powerade zero all the time and now I don't get them as much, guess it was an electrolyte problem.

But anyway, that has nothing to do with this because while these cramps were in my calves, they were completely different from those. They were just little sharp pains that would not go away. They almost felt like shocks sometimes. I was constantly drinking powerade, I took a warm bath, I even ate a banana (hate those things ughh) nothing helped. I am for real going crazy.

I have been having problems with my heel on that side of my body and my parents are worried I have plantar fasciitis, which my dad had/has, and I guess it can affect my achilles, calf, and hammy on that side.

I'm just pissed I didn't get to workout today.

Oh and the craziest thing happened earlier!! I was sitting on my bed, when all of a sudden I felt like my bed was shaking and swear I see my mirror moving back and forth a little bit. So I limp downstairs and go "did anyone else just feel that!? MY BED WAS SHAKING!" Everyone just looked at me like I'm crazy. My mom legitimately checked to see if my pupils were dialated.

So I google this shit, and THERE WAS AN EARTHQUAKE IN OKLAHOMA AT AROUND THE SAME TIME I FELT THE SHAKING!!!! But I was still thinking I was crazy because, while oklahoma borders missouri, it's still forever away. But then I checked facebook and a few people had statuses about feeling an earthquake, or not feeling an apparently it could be felt all the way out here

I'm not crazy!!!!

okay, maybe I am.


  1. sounds like you are hypokalaemic. one of the symptoms of hypokalaemia is cramps. I used to get them lots, and so did mum and it was always due to hypokalaemia.

  2. Hopefully you can figure out what's causing the leg cramps and get them to go away. And I had an earthquake wake me up once and I live in Illinois. It was caused by a fault in Missouri too. But since it had been early in the morning a lot of people didn't feel it because they were asleep.