Thursday, November 3, 2011

Stupid Girl Post

The truth about confusing boy is I really did like him.

ughhhhhh. I just wouldn't admit that to myself because I don't like guys very often. Like seriously, I have a lot of friends who constantly have a new crush or whatever and I just don't. I meet guys a lot and think ohhh he has potential, but I really know that I don't really like him. And then every now and then I meet a guy and wham! I know I like him from the start.

It's not like I have high standards or anything, most of my friends would say the opposite. It's just I know what I like.

But liking a guy never ends well, so I tried so so so hard to forget about this one and that just didn't work.

Then tonight he texts me apologizing, saying that I'm a great girl, he likes me a lot, I'm a ton of fun, and really nice but we were so off and on that he didn't know what was going on, didn't know what to think about it....and he didn't know what he wanted...and really this all just happened at a bad time...he wasn't trying to use me....and he honestly feels soooo sorry about it all.

Was I his confusing girl??

Whatever, either way, he had to choose between me and another girl and he chose her.

Rejected, end of story.

People always call me chill. cool. laid back. easy going. That's who I am, really.

But tonight I just want to be a dramatic girl who cries over a guy she never had and shit talk the girl he's with now. Is that okay??

he hopes we can still be friends??

Yeah def crying right now. I hate this.


  1. Oh Haley, that isn't being dramatic, at all. He was a jackass. You should dry your tears as hard as that sounds because he does not deserve them.

    Chin up, hun.

  2. You're not being dramatic, you thought there was something and then he pulled a fast one on you. If he thought you were acting on and off, why not talk to you about it.

    I know how you feel though. I never like guys. I never let myself like guys. And now this guy I kinda liked just stopped speaking to me. And I have no clue why.

    Guys can be so confusing, why can't it just be easy.

  3. I totally second what Sasha says. Chin up lady. That boy, that boy was an absolute jerk off to treat you like that and you deserve so much better.

  4. Girls are meant to be confusing. Hence why men are supposed to pursue us, to figure us out. You deserve someone who is willing to come after you. You'll know who the right one is when you find him. :)