Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Just me and my sister...

first of all, I'm finally home from my grandmas house annnd I'm sorry for not posting and commenting in forever.

But here's what's on my mind right now.

I have a younger sister, she's 17, less than 2 years younger than me, and probs my best friend. We are seriously the closest sisters I've ever seen in my life. We do everything together and get along crazyyyy well.

We have similar personalities, but there are some big differences. We're both outgoing but Alex is in a more goofy and hyper way, while I'm more chill and talkative.

Okay I was gonna name more things but I really can't now that I think of it. We're pretty much the same person except...idk how to say it.

Sometimes my sister is really...fake? She lovesss attention. And I don't blame her, I'm the same way. But she likes attention over things that aren't true a lot of the time. She's smoked weed like 3 times in her life and she likes people to think she's a stoner. She's drank like 5 times maybe and tweets about drinking every 2 seconds. She has never even kissed a guy but loves that she has a "slutty" reputation. And I know she's in high school and you want people to think you're badass or whatever then, but it is sooooooo annoying!!

ahh okay sorry about that rant. Now for the real rant.

My sister is seriously gorgeous. For realll just sooooo pretty. And she's about 5'7 and 115 pounds without even trying. But that's not even the worst part. Worst thing about all of this is, we look practically exactly the same. Except I'm fatter. I actually probs have the better body type, but I've never been able to actually show it because I'm such a fatass. Well, she also has perfff skin. Ughhh I just hate it sooo much!!!

But whatevs, I still love my little sister to death.


  1. OMG beautiful two...sou do Brasil hehe.

  2. I don't actually know which one in the pic is you....but I do see 2 very beautiful girls and i'm very jelous

    I myself look like a reflection in one of those fairground attration mirrors, the ones that make you look short and fat with a distorted face!


  3. Both of you are very lovely! :D

    < 3

  4. OMG OMG OMG. Every day i've been practiclly stalking your blog and waiting for a new post. thanyouthankyouthankyou.
    The new pictures are darling and you are sexyyyyy gurl!