Thursday, November 3, 2011

1100+ calories burned...ughhhhhh

I'm doing sooo much better today. I got a nice 90 min long cardio workout in and I honestly believe that works wonders on my mood. Working out always makes me so much calmer and logical. Which is funny because I am the exact opposite way while I'm working out. And it's not a complete work out without some extremely pissed off music playing, Nicki Minaj is for real rocking my running world recently.

I've also had less than 300 calories today sooo I'm not really too worried about my intake at the moment.

I just keep reminding myself this....

Anyway, Day two: What is your MAIN reason for wanting to lose weight? (Be honest.)
Ummmm. Idk? I feel like this is a dumb question. I want to be happy and confident with the way I look. Once less thing to worry about.

And now I'm gonna feel like a complete dumb ass and ask....HOW DO YOU MAKE LINKS ON HERE!!?? lol I'm computer retarded

I wanted to make a link to the 60 day challenge page but I really just don't know how lol here's the url thoughh

Gawddd I'm so tired from working out. And bored. I wish my life was more exciting so I could actually entertain people by writing about it lol

question: does anyone want to follow me on twitter?? cuz I want to follow you lol


  1. Amazing job, babe! Glad you are happy.

  2. WOW that's a lot of calories burned! Go you! That's amazing. You've inspired me to go work out!
    By the by, what makes you say you've fucked up your chances of becoming a doctor? If I dunce like me can get in, then I'm sure you could!

  3. Amazingness!!! Happiness is more important than excitingness :-)
    My number one reason for weight loss is control...

  4. Jesus Christ your an animal!!! Soooooo jealous of that workout!! I would die way way before that! Happiness...such a weird word. It feels almost unattainable to me but I hope You get a lot of it as You reach your goal! :)

  5. Major congrats on burning all those calories! I did a 4 mile run today, you inspire me to do another workout tonight!

    You asked how to make links, there's "Link" in blue letters in the toolbar when you make a new post.

    I hope you have a lovely day, you deserve it! <3

  6. Thanks for following me and giving your support! All my blog girls are really and truly the only thing I have to really push me and keep me going!! You are the only ones who know about my weight struggles...
    Great job with the workout!!! I'm really proud of you!!! I think I will for sure check out that link!
    Thanks girl! I will definitely be here supporting you!!!