Monday, September 12, 2011

Wake up call!!

So there's this guy. He's in the fraternity that I'm pretty sure always gets the lowest gpa. They pride themselves in throwing crazy parties and being fratty. And he's like the voice of all that. And he's a DJ at an effing strip club! He always says he's on a 6 year track to graduation.

He goes up to my best friend, and asks her why she hangs out with me

She goes, she's a great friend and a freaking good time.

He says, "She's way too much of a good time. I can't handle it."

WTF!! Seriously??? Too much of a good time? I mean, yeah, I probably am too crazy for the president of the Christian Campus Fellowship or some shit like that...but this kid!!???

And I know there's truth to that. I get crazy all the time. I'm not even in school this semester. I take absolutely nothing seriously, other than my friends.

Okay, I need to grow up. I need to do something with my life. I need to start respecting myself. But come on, this kid is not the person to be talking shit on my lifestyle.


  1. Lol how do you respond to That? that's actually kinda funny. Haha but ya he shouldn't be commenting on what you do he's not perfect either. I mean 6 years? Talk about student loans!

  2. what an ass hole. people are such hypocrites sometimes