Friday, September 30, 2011

My brain will not stop!!!

Kay I'm not 164, but there's like ten trillion things on my mind right now! I PROMISE I will start the 1 pound a post thing like immediately after this! Kay things on my mind.

1. Alex (exxxx) has been on my effing mind all night. Idk why. I just randomly miss him sometimes. And I should be over him by now, it's been like 8 months since we broke up. I'm making progress though...I've realized that I am way out of his league and he totally messed with my head/had the biggest ego in the world so I never really saw that before. But still....

2. I got the job at BDUBS!!!

3. And that is partly because of my love for sports!!! Deeeetroit Tigers playing some October ball!!

4. I'm going camping/partying this weekend with my friend from school. It started as a giant camping trip and it morphed into a giant party that people are camping at...whatevsss that's cool with me. I'm ready to get fuckeddd up. And see some dudes. I've officially decided that I'm done with hookups and that I want a relationship...but maybe this weekend can be like an exemption. I'm in serious need of some attention from some hot guys :)

5. Which reminds me of this guy...I don't even know what to say about him. Seriously, I don't. Let me get back to you guys on that. But honestly, I've never been so confused by a guy in my life.

6. I loved all the comments on my VLOGGGGG!! You girls are seriously too nice!! Thanks for the advice on the interview, I'd say it was pretty good, considering I got the job lol. And I live in Missouri, if that explains my accent or whatever you wondering about lol. Seriously making a vlog was so much fun. Maybe I'll do that for every 5 pounds that I lose....hmmm

7. I'm thinking about starting ABC on monday, and would like to do it with someone. If you are interested in that, let me know!!!

Okay, thanks for letting me get that all out! Maybe I can get some sleep now.


  1. you are too funny, I also do the mulitple bra thing and believe me I was holding them up there, not just covering!! hahahahahahahaha

    I am 26, I do hospice nursing. Congrats on the job!!

    Tigers eh? I assume you live in Michigan?

  2. You know I'm doing ABC. So I will know your pain. The fucking limits are insane.
    Yes! I love Snow Patrol! x3 ahaha.
    And yes! Two shots of vodka! (I wouldn't know that. I don't drink. I'll never drink and it's religiously unsound in my religion. xD)

  3. What part of Missouri do you live in? I live in Illinois like 1-1.5 hours from Missouri. If you live semi-close to IL, maybe we could meet up somewhere sometime or something.
    Congrats on the job!

  4. 1. You should be over him but when your getting over someone sometimes your mind tends to think about all of the positive things that existed when you guys were together. But realize that your better than him and deserve better so that is what matters :) I am proud of you@

    2.Congratulations on the job!!!! YAY!



    5. It totally normal to be confused

    6.I have never seen our vlog..I am going to check it out :)))

    7. I would LOVE to start the ABC diet with you!!!! :D